HD Cut review

Authors: Super User

Well i have decided to do this review with no pictures. Sorry for that but the boss at the shop got on me about waisting time when he seen me taking before pictures. Have not been able to play with it outside of work. i have no garage live in apartment

I was using PCXP with a LC orange flat cutting pad spread product on speed 4 then pumped it to speed 6 for 2 pass(1 pass= 1 horizontal and 1 verticle) vehicle was sanded with 1200 grit

CUT:5 for me this took out the sanding marks with ease. also had my Megs105 with me and there were still a few spots the sanding marks could be seen with the 105 side but not with the Cut.

EASE OF USE:5 very easy to use. did not have to "play" with it or alter my technique for it to work for me like i have seen with other compunds

DUSTING:5 very very very very little. this suprised me. i was waiting to see the dust but it never showed up

WORK TIME:5 still working it. :buffing: :lol1: felt like i could have worked it forever

REMOVAL:3 was not a easy removal. had to use spray wax to get it off please fix this

FINISH:4 if the vehicle was a light color i could have stopped there but because it was a dark green there was the normal hazing/marring left behind from all compounds

FLEXIBILITY: i have only used it with a PCXP so would not be fair to the product to give a rating here. sorry

PRICE:4 couple $$$$$ more than some but a couple $$$$$ less then others. so i would say it right in the middle as far as price goes.

SMELL:4 dont remember it really having a smell. which is the first thing i do when i get a product i never used before is smell it. but atleast it did not stink.

LABELING:5 nothing real fancy or eye catching(to normal people) but does give enough info to let you know what it is and how to use it.

overall very pleased with the product. it may end up replacing my Optimum spray compound and polish which are my go to products. just make it as easy to wipe off as Polish is.:smile1::lol1::smile1::lol1: i know not 1 company has the best products in all categories some have great compounds and just ok polishes etc.... but i have never seen a company that has this many great products.